Prepare Your Tax Return With H&R Block Tax Filing Choices For 2018 - 2019

H&R Block FREE Edition 2018 - 2019

HR Block FREE Edition + E-file 100% FREE

H&R Block Free Edition for Federal tax preparation is new this year, and anyone with a simple tax return can use it. The Free Edition is designed for people who do not have a need for detailed tax guidance and have simple tax returns needs.

How is HR Block Free Edition different than H&R Block software? With H&R Block Free Edition Online you work directly over the Internet on the H&R Block HR Block website to complete your taxes. It uses secure socket layer (SSL) to encrypt the data, So sensitive information is always safe and secure.

HR Block Software you install on your computer to do your taxes offline. Is it right for you? well if you have a simple tax return to prepare, than you have nothing to lose by trying it. H&R Block has been a top selling product for tax return preparation for many years, and millions of users that continue to come back and file their tax return. It's clear that the H&R Block reputation for professional help is as strong as ever with the trusting consumers that return year after year.

Simply put if you don't have investments and rental properties that require additional forms other than 1040EZ, 1040 and 1040A. Then the Free Edition may work for you!

While HRBlock Free Edition is free, it still includes free efile, and it includes many of the great features that come with paid versions of H&R Block, like Basic, Online, Premium, and Home & Business.

These extra features include: Free tax preparation for simple returns. Ideal for people that don't need additional tax forms. Free Efile included, Get your refund much quicker when filing online.

Quick & easy tax return completion, HR Block walks you through your tax return with easy to follow guides to get you through your return preparation.

Automatic error checking, Checks your return to make sure there are no inaccurate calculations.

Accurate Calculations Guarantee, H&R Block will reimburse resulting IRS penalties and interest charges if there is software mistakes.

An easy interview process that helps you complete your return, simplifies by eliminating unnecessary tax areas Automatic double-checking of your return for errors, does a final check to ensure calculations are accurate.

Easy access to IRS publications, get documents easily when you need them.

How is H&R Block Free Edition + E-file different than Paid Editions?

Free Edition + E-file is made for people with very simple tax return needs. It does not import prior year tax data from other programs or previous years. It is not made for extra guidance with a Schedule C, home mortgage, rental property, home office, business expenses or asset depreciation.

Give it a try and you will most likely be one of the returning filers next year!

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