Prepare Your Tax Return With H&R Block Tax Filing Choices For 2018 - 2019

H&R Block Home and Business
2018 - 2019

HR Block Home + Business

HR Block Home & Business includes the same features as H&R Block Premium Federal + State + E-file, plus everything you need to prepare your business return on 1 CD.

HR Block Home + Business also includes:

  • 1 Ask a Tax Advisor session
  • Worry-free Audit Support® when you e-file.

H&R Blocks H&R Block Home + Business software has been evolving continuously every year. The continual updated software is making it easier to use and more effective for bigger refunds with each issue.

  • Get better controls of your deductions, credits and benefits. Insure your not paying more to Uncle Sam than your need to be. By using this software edition you will be far more educated on ways to lower your tax bill by preparing for tax benefits available for your business industry.
  • Get guided in a good way. The HR Block Home and Business format tailors itself to your business through an interview process that quickly eliminates areas of tax preparation that don't pertain to your industry.
  • With H&R Block Home & Business Software, you can control all your business and personal tax preparation with one package. Easily work at home or in the office on your tax return and get full support from the professionals at HR Block to insure your biggest refund is obtained.

Business returns can be complicated and it's easy to miss write-offs that you can qualify for, or, should be qualifying for. You really can't benefit by missing deductions you don't know about. This is where HR Block sticks out above the competition. It searches out every possible tax benefit and shows you how to qualify. This is a great way to increase your refund on an annual basis.

Getting the most out of your return starts with you and your knowledge base. If you don't know how to maximize your refund, your going to loose out on money your should be keeping. Use the right software and that just wont happen!

With H&R Block you get

  • Seamless Imports - Quickly and easily import last year's tax and financial data from TaxCut, TurboTax®, Quicken®, Microsoft® Money, and H&R Block
  • DeductionPro®
  • Error Check
  • Customized Tax Advice
  • Charitable Donation Support
  • Schedule C Support
  • Business Expense Assistant
  • Investor Guidance
  • IRS Publications
  • Tax Tip Video guidance.

Explore our site and use it to your benefit, were glad to help, Enjoy!