Prepare Your Tax Return With H&R Block Tax Filing Choices For 2018 - 2019

H&R Block Premium 2018 - 2019

HR Block Premium Federal Software

Easy, low-cost tax preparation. HR Block  Premium Software has built-in help to save you more money than ever before.

HR Block Tax Cut has a Easy Interview - Our simple interview quickly walks you through the return process to automate your return. With H&R Block Premium you get

  • Seamless Imports - Quickly and easily import last year's tax and financial data from TaxCut, TurboTax®, Quicken®, Microsoft® Money, and H&R Block
  • DeductionPro® Charitable Donation Help to Maximize Itemized Deductions, as applicable
  • Schedule C Support
  • Business Expense Assistant
  • Investor Guidance
  • IRS Publications and Tax Tip Video guidance.

With H&R Block Premium Federal Software, you can:

  1. Maximize Deductions: Get extra assistance and money-saving advice to help you maximize deductions. Plus, turn your donations into big tax deductible savings with the included DeductionPro.
  2. Get Comprehensive Assistance: Receive additional guidance to simplify complex tax situations, giving you the confidence and assurance that your return is accurate and properly prepared.
  3. Auto Import: Save time and reduce the chance for error by quickly and easily importing last year's tax and financial data from any of these programs, TaxCut, TurboTax®, Quicken®, Microsoft®Money, and H&R Block DeductionPro® software, as applicable.
  4. Get Real Audit Support from a Real Person – Really: Get Worry-free Audit Support® from the professionals at H&R Block included when you e-file. In the event of an audit, receive personal assistance from an IRS-licensed Enrolled Agent with audit representation expertise – not a self-serve Web site or FAQ page.
  5. Free Efile Included

H&R Blocks At Home software, For this years software issue, click the H&R Block Official Site link at the top of this page and you will be quickly in control of getting a bigger return through current H&R Block products.

H&R Block Premium is easily one of your best choices if your an investor or home business owner. It includes all the tools necessary to insure your getting all the tax benefits you possibly can. It's no doubt we all hate paying taxes but, this software insures your not loosing money due to missed deductions and write  offs that you should be taking.

HR Block Premium really is a great choice to increase your refunds every year, and prepare your return with ease.

Explore our site and use it to your benefit, were glad to help, Enjoy!